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Protest and Awareness Apparel

Freedom of Expression You Can Wear
(for now)

Triggered Tee's offers original apparel that expresses opposition to government dictates and covid propaganda in a fun and satirical way. Designed to provoke debate and elicit a free exchange of ideas in an every increasingly censorious world. It's freedom of expression you can wear.

More About Us

 Triggered Tees was developed in response to the world going "bat shit crazy."  In the ever increasing polarization and censorship of Big Tech and outright lying of main stream media, we felt compelled to give voice to a sense of reason, to call out the entities that underlie, manipulate, and engineer the chaos we find ourselves in. 

     Our t-shirt designs are intentionally confrontational, and to some, possibly outright offensive. We hope to instigate dialogue (hopefully only dialogue), by providing the background facts and sources behind each design to enable the wearer to defend the position stated. This site is definitely not for all, and if you believe the government, health authorities, big pharma, and Bill Gates have your best interests at heart, we love you, but hit the road! If you stand for human rights and freedoms, free expression, autonomy of the body, self-governments, and self-responsibility, then welcome home.



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