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Self proclaimed, Unelected, Fascist Organizations Taking Control of the World's Governments

You would have to literally have to have your head up your own ass at this point to not realize that the governance of Canada and most other countries have been hijacked by the unelected psychopaths and deviants of the UN and WEF. Under the (now obvious) pro nazi, fascist, proxy liberal government, the UN and WEF through the signing of "declarations", now control all important aspects of Canadian society including economic, immigration, environmental, ethnic, and communication. The result has been a steady decline in quality of life, basic freedoms, economic prosperity, health, and most recently wholesale authoritarianism. We must start to push back and eradicate this pestilence because once the cockroaches hit a critical mass nothing but a bleak, colourless, joyless empty and meaningless existence awaits our children and the generations to come.

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