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Wake Up

More on Anti Nazi #massformationpsycosis

The aborations perpetrated by the Nazis’s were only possible with the silent complacency of the population. Even those who knew their actions were heinous, dutifully went along with it due to a sense of self preservation, fear or just being scared to focus attention on themselves. Hitler knew this and used it to his advantage. Trudope has an entire psyop team (courtesy of the armed forces and Canadian taxpayer) well versed in “behaviour modification” doing the same thing. He uses Hitler’s exact playbook of painting the Jews as “lesser, infected and dirty” by publicly stating the unvaxed as misogynistic, racist and anti-science. He ponders how long should this be “tolerated,” exact wording used by Hitler himself. Will we let this small minority of “Great Reset” pedocrates, technocrats and useful idiot billionaires degenerate this world into the “Hunger Games” model, that they ultimately envision ( guess what? You won’t be in the shiny city!) or do we rid ourselves of the real virus infecting this world?

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